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Posted by on Sep 27, 2018 in home-slideshow, News |

Epiphany Greece Pilgrimage in October 2019

Epiphany Greece Pilgrimage in October 2019

Epiphany will be traveling to Greece to follow St. Paul’s missionary journeys through Greece and Asia Minor as they are recorded in the New Testament.  Fr. Peter and Andrea Frank will be hosting the tour, which is being organized through Imagine Tours and Travel, the same group that organized Epiphany’s trip to Israel a few years ago.

During this pilgrimage we will visit Thessaloniki, and Philippi in northern Greece, where Paul preached and baptized Lydia, the first convert to Christianity in Europe.  After a brief stop in Meteora where we will see some beautiful Byzantine monasteries, we will begin a three day cruise in the Aegean that will take us to Crete, where Paul’s disciple, Titus, was the first missionary and bishop, and then we will go on to Ephesus, which was a center of the early Christian church, and Patmos, where John wrote the book of Revelation.  After returning to the mainland, we will visit the city of Corinth, where Paul founded a church, Athens, and finally one of the must beautiful spots in Greece, Delphi.

Fr. Peter spent a semester on in Greece in college, and returned there for a visit during his sabbatical this past summer.  He is excited to have the opportunity to share this historic, beautiful and hospitable place with a group from Epiphany.  “I love Greece and the Greeks.  Our experience with Imagine while we visited Israel gives us good reason to expect a professional and comfortable pilgrimage.  Traveling with Epiphany to walk where the Bible happened will not only build your faith, but also build your relationships with other members of your church family,” said Peter.

Tour details, including a full itinerary and costs, are available in the fellowship hall at church or as a pdf file here. There will be two initial interest meetings, one at 9:15am on Sunday, Oct. 7, and the second at 11:30am on Sunday, October 14.