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You are welcome to worship and grow in your spiritual life at Epiphany. We are a church that trusts what God tells us about Himself in the Bible and is committed to both great commission and great commandment of Jesus Christ. We are Anglican Christians, which makes us part of the third largest Christian expression in the world. We are a congregation of the Anglican Church in North America and the Diocese of the Mid-Atlantic.


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A wonderful community of believers standing together for Jesus Christ, growing together as God's family, and making Him known by the power of the Holy Spirit.

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From the Rector: Faith Inc.

Have you ever thought about what the word “incorporated” means?  We mostly hear it when referring to a certain class of businesses. This is not the only way we use the word “Incorporated,” though.  We also use it when something is joined to a body larger than itself.  This can be mundane.  Like saying “I incorporated this sentence into […]

“May All the People Be Forgiven”

Yesterday at sundown, Jews began their celebration of Yom Kippur – the Day of Atonement. Yom Kippur is a biblical observance, commanded in Leviticus chapter 16. It is also the most important holy day on the Jewish calendar. Today in the country of Israel everything is closed. Almost no cars are on the roads. Because […]

Helping Our New Afghan Neighbors

Note From Fr. Peter:  Less than a mile from Epiphany, hundreds of Afghan refugees are sheltered in the Dulles Expo Center after their traumatic evacuation from Kabul.  Many of us have wondered how we can help.  I am grateful to Bea Long for stepping up to coordinate an initial project that gives us something concrete […]

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