Bishop John Visiting Epiphany December 15

On December 15, Bishop John Guernsey will be making his annual visit to Epiphany. During his visit, he will confirm the youth that have been working through confirmation class with Fr. Michael.

During that Sunday morning service, there is also an opportunity for adults to either “reaffirm” their faith or be “received” into the Anglican Church in North America and receive a blessing from the Bishop as they make that decision.

Formally reaffirming your Christian faith in the presence of the church is a great way to receive the prayers and support of the people of Epiphany and our bishop as you work to live out your life as a Christian. While open to all adult Christians, reaffirmation makes particular sense for those who are now reengaging with their faith in a deeper way, or who have recently passed some other spiritual milestone.

Being “received” into the Anglican Church makes particular sense for those who grew up in Christian traditions without confirmation, and want to formally make a decision to be part of the Anglican Church and be eligible for leadership at Epiphany (such as serving on the vestry). Much like reaffirmation and confirmation, the act itself is simply coming forward to be prayed over by Bishop John.

If you would like to explore either reaffirming your Christian faith, or being received when Bishop John visits in December, please contact Fr. Peter by December 1.

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