Epiphany’s Vestry Leaders for 2015 Elected

Epiphany’s vestry elected its leaders for 2015 during their meeting on January 13.

Under Epiphany’s bylaws, it is my duty to appoint the Senior Warden. I announced last night that I am appointing Merle Stromberg, who was Epiphany’s junior warden in 2014, to this important post.

The vestry nominated and elected Catherine Zimmerman to serve as Junior Warden and Ann Guest to serve as Registrar. Both of these offices have one year terms and are only open to vestry members.

In other business, the vestry appointed Scott Reiter to be the Small Group Ministry Coordinator.   Sally McNeely was appointed to lead a forming “congregational health team” which is charged with responding to the results of Epiphany’s recently completed “Natural Church Development” survey, and suggesting practical ways to address those results to the vestry by the end of this year.

As always, leadership at Epiphany is a cooperative effort. Clergy have a role. Lay leaders, such as those selected by the vestry last night, have a role.  Epiphany members have a role through our annual meeting.  We all join together in looking to God for direction and guidance as we all ultimately serve under His authority.

Please join me in praying and supporting these new leaders, and giving thanks to God in calling them to take on these tasks here at Epiphany.



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