Extra Food Needed for Coates Elementary Kids This Month

Each month we have been asking home groups, families, and individuals to fill one gallon Ziploc bags, each with

2 Breakfast items, 2 Lunches, 2 Dinners, and 2 Snacks

for our young neighbors at Coates Elementary School just a few hundred yards from the church.  Instructions for purchasing food and preparing the Ziploc bags can be viewed here or picked up at church

Normally, our goal is 100 bags per month.  However, this month, due to Spring Break, Coates Elementary School has asked for 150 bags to try to cover more days to help these young children have something to eat.  Last month we only had 60 bags filled.

Will you please help?  This month’s deadline is March 30.  Please bring completed food bags to the church.  The drop-off is on the righthand side of the entryway.

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