Godspeed Anne Bracy: Epiphany’s Organizer-In-Chief Retiring after 12 Years

For more than a decade, finding out what was happening at Epiphany has been simple: Call or email Anne Bracy, the executive assistant to the rector.

Anne has, with much grace and good humor, been the first voice many hear when the call the church.  She has been the keeper of the schedule, the herder of the clergy, the maintainer of the database, the leader of Epiphany’s ministry to Coates Elementary School, the buyer of the cake for countless baptisms and other special events, and many other things besides.

“I know I speak for Epiphany’s entire staff and congregation when I say Anne has been a great friend, co-worker and gifted administrator.  I can’t imagine how we would have functioned for the last dozen years without her,” said the Rev. Robin Rauh.

Anne came to Epiphany on July 1 of 2001 after being asked to serve on the search committee looking for Epiphany’s next Executive Assistant on the retirement of Ruth Quinn.  At the time she was working for Georgetown University as the Manager of Payroll and Tax Compliance.

According to Anne, it was Ruth herself along with several others who ultimately convinced Anne to apply for the position at Epiphany.  “I used to tell Ken [her husband] that after I retire from Georgetown, working for the church is what I would love to do,” she said.

Anne clearly has loved working for Epiphany, but all good things must come to an end.   She and her husband, Ken, plan to move  down to Williamsburg, Virginia during the spring of 2014.  Before she goes, Anne has very generously agreed to help Epiphany with the transition and is working a part time schedule in January to do that.  Epiphany will hold an appropriate send-off and “thank-you” for Anne and Ken on February 9 at 5 pm at the church.  Plan to attend.

While she will be leaving Epiphany, Anne will be bringing memories with her:  “Through the years at Epiphany I have experienced joys and sorrows but in all God has been faithful and has blessed me and my family.  The most memorable experience during my time at Epiphany is how God has taught me that the church is the people of God, not buildings or programs, but the living body of Christ.  When the dust settled and we left [our former location at] 3301 Hidden Meadow Drive, the first Sunday worship in the hotel was where Epiphany was.  The church was where we were.  The love and caring we had for one another – we were where God wanted us to be.  I will always remember the prayers, support, and love that I have felt through the years at Epiphany,” said Anne.

Who Do I Contact?

We always say to call the church office (703-481-8601) if you have a question about anything.  Please continue to do so.  If you aren’t sure who to talk to, Fr. Peter Frank, Epiphany’s senior associate rector would be happy to help.

Please contact the following people for particular needs beginning January 30.

Calendar and scheduling:  Jimmy Crawford (jcrawford@epiphanyanglican.net)

Email newsletter:  Peter Frank (pfrank@epiphanyanglican.net

Database updates:  Janice Monaghan (jmonaghan@epiphanyanglican.net)

Vestry business:  Senior Warden Tom Will (tsmdwill@gmail.com)

Pastoral Concerns:  703-481-8601 – ask to speak to any of the clergy.

 Help Wanted

With Anne’s retirement, we would love to have a volunteer to answer the phone and take care of minor clerical tasks each morning during the week.  If this is something you would be willing to do, please contact Peter Frank at pfrank@epiphanyanglican.net.

Finally, we would love to have a volunteer willing and able to maintain our congregation’s important and ongoing Food-bag ministry to hungry kids at Coates Elementary School.  If you are interested in leading this ministry, please contact Anne Bracy abracy@epiphanyanglican.net


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