Meet Epiphany’s Missionaries: Fran Boyle

By Betsey Kodat for the Missions Committee

The Church of the Epiphany has supported Fran Boyle and her ministry to Sudan for over a decade.  Fran has always focused on supporting education among Sudanese people who will return to their homes and make a difference there.  In the past four years, her ministry has expanded to include a health clinic, a school, and an orphanage for children redeemed from slavery in Akuak Rak.

Fran usually makes one or two trips a year to visit the people she works with in Akuak Rak, in Western Aweil (Northwestern South Sudan).  In May this year, she was able to send a team from Pensacola, FL and Roanoke, VA. By God’s grace, the children’s clothes, medical supplies and school supplies all made it through customs. Mary, the school cook and mother to the orphans was touched by a special dress they gave her.  The group finished a fence around the school with the help of students. On Sunday afternoon they had a five hour church service (!).  The children wore their new outfits to the church service and they did truly look beautiful.

A YouTube video from the January 2012 medical missions shows scenes of Fran’s work.

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