Helping Our New Afghan Neighbors

Note From Fr. Peter:  Less than a mile from Epiphany, hundreds of Afghan refugees are sheltered in the Dulles Expo Center after their traumatic evacuation from Kabul.  Many of us have wondered how we can help.  I am grateful to Bea Long for stepping up to coordinate an initial project that gives us something concrete […]

Mercy Endures

This morning at Morning Prayer we read Psalm 136. It begins: “O give thanks unto the Lord, for he is gracious, for his mercy endures forever.” And that refrain, “for his mercy endures forever,” repeats in every one of the next 25 verses as the psalmist tells the story of creation, of the Exodus from […]

What Would I Say?

Dear Friends, Lately, I have been on a bit of an emotional roller-coaster. I won’t go in to all of my stressors (you didn’t sign-up for that, right?). But I will share something that is helping. I have returned to a prayer I learned years ago while wandering around Greece as a college student. It’s […]

Under the Wings

You may have seen news that Fairfax County is now “recommending” a return to facemasks for all of us when inside public spaces, even if we have been vaccinated. At this time, we have not moved to change our policy at Epiphany – facemasks are optional during worship for those who have been vaccinated.  Our livestream […]

Epiphany Star Newsletter for August and September

Fr. Peter outlines fall events at Epiphany; Kick-off planned for September 12, Mtr. Pamela writes about believing children and the steps we take to protect our youngest members at Epiphany, Bibles take a trip to Aliquippa, new Gospel book for Epiphany, Library is now equipped for “hybrid” online and in-person meetings, Epiphany is going to […]

God’s Strange Wrath

“You ungrateful wretch! I have done so much for you, and still, all you do is complain. You make me so mad I’m going to take you out to dinner!” This is something that no-one has ever said to me. It is (paraphrased a wee bit) what God says to Israel in Psalm 78. Psalm […]

Sunday Habits

I came across a simple, but powerful thought during a continuing education lecture I was listening to this morning. “What we did last Sunday is a good predictor of what we will do this Sunday.” For many of us, that is getting up and coming to Epiphany. For some of us, it’s tuning in online. […]

Epiphany Worship “Mask-Optional”

In line with the expiration of Virginia’s COVID-19 State of Emergency on June 30, Epiphany has made facemasks optional at church for those who have been vaccinated  at both the 8:30 and 10:15am Sunday worship services.  If you would like to wear a facemask at either service, you are more than welcome to continue to do […]

Naming a Reality and Now What?

I recently came across an article that dealt with something I have been seeing for a while now – growing and deepening differences and disagreements among evangelical Christians. The article doesn’t mince words. Its main point is that evangelicalism is fracturing in ways that won’t be undone. “The tectonic plates are shifting underfoot.” With all […]

Epiphany Star Newsletter for June and July 2021

“Red Eyed Time-Travelers,” Baptism Sunday schedule for July 11, “Jesus and our Babies,” social distancing ends at church, communion is now being offered with wine, Marriage Ministry goes for a walk in the park, missions report from Uganda Christian University.

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