In-Person and Livestream Worship at Epiphany

Epiphany is offering both in-person and livestream only worship services at this time.

In-Person Worship Sign-Ups:

April Worship

In-person worship is offered at noon on Wednesdays and at 8:30 and 10:15 am on Sunday morning.  We are following our plan for meeting together in a responsible way in this time.  You can read details of what we are doing here (pdf).  Newcomers are always welcome at Epiphany.  Families with children are especially welcome even though we are not in a place to offer Sunday school and nursery quite yet.  Please sign-up using the link above.  We celebrate communion at both services in one kind (distributing consecrated bread only) – more information about how we will do this is in our plan (link above).  The Regathering Committee is evaluating the situation regularly and making changes that are appropriate.

For many of us, the livestream at 10:15am on Sunday morning will continue to be our primary way of worshipping on Sunday at this time. We each need to evaluate our own situation and risks and do what is best for us and our household.  Fr. Peter encourages those that have been fully vaccinated to move toward in-person attendance again as they are able.

As worship in-person at Epiphany, we will be following the state guidelines for churches.  While these are no longer mandated, we believe they are best practices at this time.  We are also agreeing together to wear a mask during services for all those over 5 years old.  We have masks available at church for those who need them.  Following the clear advice we have received from medical professionals and microbiologists with whom we have consulted, we will be suspending congregational singing and the large group choir for the time being.  Music will still be part of our worship through instruments and small ensembles.

Charting a way forward for our church during this season has been difficult.  Corporate worship is an essential component of our faith as Christians, and we are meant to be gathered together not just in spirit, but in person.  At the same time, COVID-19 is a real and present danger that has sickened congregation members, extended family, and friends.  It has called for great sacrifice by the essential workers among us.  It is my conviction that we honor God and practice the love of our neighbors to which Jesus called us by being patient and methodical in our regathering journey, even though we long to all be back together as soon as possible in conditions as “normal” as possible.  I’m grateful to the vestry and particularly to the Regathering Committee. I am also grateful to our bishop, the Rt. Rev. John Guernsey who gave us clear guidance and his approval to move forward in this way.

God Bless,

The Rev. Peter Frank, rector

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