Thank you Epiphany! – Christmas Eve “Epiphany Gift” Surpasses Goal


Thank you so much for your generosity on Christmas Eve.  As you may remember, this year we set aside our Christmas Eve offering to give a gift to our neighborhood.  That gift of 900 beginning English library books and English teaching aids for every classroom at Coates Elementary School, had a price tag of about $4,200.  On Christmas Eve, you gave $5,506 to support this project.

I am personally grateful, and glad to see our church be generous to our neighbors in this way, particularly on Christmas Eve as we are celebrating God’s generous gift of his Son to us.  Our goal as a church, and my goal as your rector is to see our church become a powerful force for spiritual and material good in the place God has put us.  Projects like this are part of making that true.

God bless,



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