Who We Welcome: Epiphany’s newsletter for August 25 – Sept. 1

“Last Sunday I preached about God inviting in outcasts in Isaiah 56.  It is a profoundly hopeful, but also profoundly disturbing chapter in the Bible.  The hopeful part is clear.  God says very, […]

Epiphany Star Newsletter for February 2023

Fr. Peter writes about some disturbing trends and hopeful encounters with God; Diocesan Bishop to be consecrated; Mtr. Pamela shares a story about someone who “saw the lights on” and […]

Christmas Directions
Worship at 8:30am on Jan. 31

We are expecting a significant snowstorm starting the morning of January 31. We will be worshipping tomorrow at Epiphany, but in order to allow everyone to get home early, we […]

Architect’s Renderings of 3863 Centerview Drive

Our architect has created some early renderings of our the sanctuary and fellowship area designs will look at 3863 Centerview Drive once they are constructed. The sanctuary will seat a […]

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