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It is often said that “Epiphany is a praying church.” We are committed to praying for one another, our leadership, the community and the world. If you have a need for prayer, please take advantage of the prayer available to you. All requests are treated with confidentiality. If you would like to become a part of this vital and supportive prayer ministry, please contact Jan Reiter.

Here are some of the ways we pray for the needs of individuals and our church:

Prayer Line

The prayer line is for urgent or immediate prayer needs. A group of people who are committed to pray for those in need are contacted immediately to pray. To contact the Prayer Line: call (703) 389–7292 anytime. Jan Reiter is in charge of the prayer line.

Intercessory Prayer

Intercessor prayer is for anticipated or long term prayer needs which are known in advance and may also require extended prayer over a period of time. Requests are left in a designated box, collected and typed up after the Sunday service, and mailed in a letter to people committed to pray all week for each prayer request. Each week approximately 10 to 20 prayer requests are sent out to the 40 to 50 people who are committed to pray for these requests.

If you have a need, write out your prayer request and leave it in the box on the table against the far wall in the Gathering Place. Faith Fisler is in charge of Intercessory Prayer.

Prayer Corner

The prayer corner has teams of two for each service available during communion and after the service to pray with or for anyone who has a petition, thanksgiving or intercession to offer to God. There are 15 teams active in this ministry. Charlie Monroe directs the Prayer Corner.

24 hour Prayer Vigils

24 hour prayer vigils are held for specific major events including the National Day of Prayer and Stewardship Sunday. Our prayer vigil team is led by Brad Johnson.


This is a special prayer support ministry committed to praying for the clergy, the staff, the vestry, and other key leaders of the church. People commit to pray daily for an individual over a four-month period. Our contact person is Jan Reiter