Ministry Spotlight: Epiphany’s Vestry

When I decided to be on the vestry, I was not sure what to expect. I’ve heard the stories of long meetings, late nights and the many issues to deal with. Some of what I heard doesn’t describe how the vestry actual operates now (vestry meetings don’t go on forever – in fact, we’re consistently done with business before 9 pm). At the same time, I have seen that God is definitely using me and other vestry members to lead and guide our church.

Epiphany Missionaries: The Hasiks, Young Life, Czech Republic

Epiphany supports Martin Hasik his wife, Jane, and their two daughters who work for Young Life in Prague, the Czech Republic. They introduce Jesus to teenagers, one at a time.

The Fall – Week 2 of “The Drama of Scripture” Sermon Series

Fr. Peter preaches from Genesis 3 about what Adam and Eve’s choice in the Garden of Eden to do what God told them not to did and what it meant. This is the second week of Epiphany’s “Drama of Scripture” sermon series.

“The Drama of Scripture: Creation” – Sermon for March 3

Fr. Robin Rauh begins Epiphany’s sermon series on the unified story of the Bible with a sermon on creation from the book of Genesis.

Sequestration Prayer and Support on Sunday March 3

We know that quite a few people at Epiphany are facing real hardship as a consequence of the sequestration of the federal budget that went into effect on Friday, March 1. With that in mind, we invite everyone, whether they are directly affected by sequestration or not, to a time of prayer and mutual support at 9:05 am on Sunday in the chapel.

The Drama of Scripture: Lenten Preaching Series Begins March 3

People often think of the Bible as a mostly unrelated collection of spiritual advice, fables and moral precepts. But what if scripture was more than that? What if the whole Bible, from Genesis to Revelation was “the true story of the whole world?” that tells us who we are and who God is, where we are from, and where we are going?

Project Antioch: Epiphany is Going to Uganda

This June, at the invitation of the Anglican Church of Uganda and under the oversight of a missions organization called Rock the World, Epiphany taking leadership in sending a team of young adults to Uganda for a unique mission opportunity.

Sermon February 24

Fr. Michael preaches on God’s promises to Abram in Genesis 15.

Epiphany Redesigns Website

While the address ( stays the same, everything else about Epiphany’s home on the internet is new. The new website, which went live on February 20, is designed to particularly communicate with those interested in learning a little bit more about our church.

“Who are You?” – Sermon Feb. 17

Fr. Robin Rauh preaches on the Temptation of Jesus in the desert from Luke 4.1-13.

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