The Rev. Pamela Meeks

Associate Rector
Headshot of Pamela Meeks

In April of 2016, Pamela was called to serve as Epiphany’s Associate Rector

Pamela lives in Centreville with her husband David and her teenage son Jonathan.  The Meeks’ also have two daughters, Brianna and Tara who are both college students.  A graduate of Trinity School for Ministry in Ambridge, Pamela was ordained to the priesthood in 2010.  Before coming to Epiphany, she served as a church planting team member with Church of the Apostles at George Mason University and as the Director of Outreach at Potomac Falls Anglican Church.

Before attending seminary, the Meeks family served as missionaries with Interserve in Turkey from 1994-2005.  Pamela also worked as a staff member with Intervarsity Christian Fellowship.

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